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Cony Brienza“Only those who have already experienced a revolution within themselves can reach out to others effectively”       Malcolm X


If we are lucky, each of us has the opportunity to experience the revolution within – that time in our life when we are challenged by the speed of business or by the strain of expanding budgets and decreasing revenues, or simply by the desire to do something different, more fun, more aligned with our passion, more “on purpose”.  Each of us has a unique catalytic moment that ignites the revolution within, and when that happens, we can be thrilled by the opportunities that present themselves or overwhelmed by the fear and remorse of broken dreams and promises.  Cony knows what it is to mourn the days past rather than looking forward to the yet to be determined future we can create. She also knows the joy of living your purpose despite the fear.


For over thirty years, she has worked with people from more than fifteen diverse organizations as they moved through a significant transformation of their business – new transformations that result in the transition of individuals to new ways of working, to new relationships with customers as well as work teams.  In the course of change, there are individuals who will make decisions to seek new challenges outside the organization or to move in new directions completely in pursuit of their own passion.  Through it all, individuals and teams feel the strain of change.


Cony’s experience in working with transforming organizations and with individuals in transition is a tremendous asset to our clients during times of high change. She is known for her ability to listen deeply to her clients, to ask questions that spur thoughtful shifts in behaviour and to support her clients as they discover the meaning of the “revolution within”.


She holds a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Wyoming and a Master’s degree from the University of North Texas.  Cony has worked in the university and corporate worlds as teacher, manager, consultant and coach with clients in companies such as Irving Oil, Innovatia, Aliant, Saskatchewan Wheat Pool, Atlantic Health Sciences Corporation and Ranch Ehrlo Society.


You can expect Cony to provide insight, encouragement and ideas to help you continuously transform your “revolution within”.  She will be your confidant as you imagine and articulate your desired future.  She will celebrate with you as you develop and execute your plans, ensuring sustained personal growth and satisfaction in your life.

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