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What services do The Talent Company provide?


The Talent Company is a leading management consulting firm specializing in human resources consulting services and solutions. The Talent Company is comprised of leading Human Resources, Talent, Recruitment, Leadership, Compensation and Total Rewards experts with proven track records of corporate and consulting. We have “walked a mile in our clients’ shoes” and understand the complexity involved in delivering practical HR solutions that work.



I received en email to participate in a PULSE study that mentions The Talent Company. Is this a part of The Talent Company?


Yes. Pulse Studies are one of the ways we remain connected and share important information with our HR networks. Our Pulse Studies are designed to help leading business and human resources professionals gain a better, more current view of today’s HR landscape.


If you prefer to not receive invitations to our Pulse Studies, please send us an email here, include “REMOVE MY INFORMATION” in the subject line and in the body of the email, and include the name, email address and phone number you used to register with our site. We will respond within 48 hours with a confirmation indicating that your information has been removed.



How can I join The Talent Company team?


The Talent Company continues to experience rapid growth. The nature of our solutions and relationships requires our team to possess deep expertise within the recruitment and human resources consulting space. If you possess the right blend of skills, experience and consultative approach required to complement our team, please connect with us here. Any of our internal opportunities will always be posted here as well.


Additionally, we are constantly expanding our Associate consulting base. As an Associate of The Talent Company, you are an expert within a particular HR competency. Associates are engaged to augment the expertise of The Talent Company during consulting engagements. If you are interested in joining our Associate program, please click here.




How is my Privacy protected?


When you upload any personal information to The Talent Company website, your information is automatically kept private. Additional information regarding your privacy can be found here.



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