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High-Potential talent is often described as as an employee who is assessed as having the ability, organizational commitment, and motivation to rise to and succeed in more senior positions in the organization.


A successful high-potential employee development program is a true partnership between your organization, and its talented employees. Best-in-class organizations recognize high potential employee development programs as important to sustainable organizational growth. They understand the need to provide differentiated employee development options and the corresponding benefits that come as a result – engaged and productive future leaders that provide a competitive edge.


Components of a successful high potential employee development program can include action learning projects, stretch assignments, rotational assignments, coaching support, mentoring relationships, leadership development and targeted training initiatives.  These programs are important in retaining and engaging your high-potential employees as well as broadening or deepening their skills base and even preparing them for successful transitions into new roles.


At The Talent Company, we design and develop customized high-potential employee development programs for our clients. For more information please contact Simon Parkin at 1-866-973-9151 or

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