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Helping others and delivering practical solutions with exceptional results is in our DNA.

We lead with offering the most comprehensive, customized and robust transition programs on the market.  Guaranteed.




Our Career Transition solutions team is fanatical about delivering highly personalized, action oriented, and results-focused career transition support and coaching.


The foundation of our success is based on one of our top cultural values: “do what is right”.  For our Career Transition team at The Talent Company this means offering unlimited one-to-one coaching with a career coach, listening to individuals to customize our approach to their needs and applying innovation and flexibility in our solutions and delivery.


We pride ourselves in providing personalized support to individuals in transition and building strong partnerships with our clients and network.  





Our comprehensive approach to career exploration and traditional career transition programs.


Executive Career Transition Programs (4 month, 6 month, 9 month, 12 month)

Director and Managerial Career Transition Programs (3 month, 4 month, 6 month)

Professional / Technical Career Transition Programs (1 month, 2 month, 3 month)

Administrative / Entry Level Career Transition Programs (1 month, 2 month, 3 month) 



We bring to the market the highest ratio of Career Coach to individual in transition.  Unlike our competitors, engaging with us means individuals will have a unique and personalized experience, and in no way should they feel like they have been “processed” through a program.


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We believe that one-to-one coaching is critical to building an effective and successful job search campaign – we offer unlimited one-to-one meetings with a Career Coach in all of our Signature Series Programs – at all levels from Administrative to Executive.

Using our STEP™ (Strategic Transition Execution Plan) Program we work individuals through how to project manage the components of their job search and stay on track to meet their goals.  Project management tools are provided and heavily utilized.

We take technology and individuals mobility seriously when it comes to job search.  All programs have access to our 24/7 online job portal which provides search tools, tutorials and templates.

All standard programs have 24/7 access to thousands of online learning videos for the duration of their program.

Self-awareness and peer support feedback delivers opportunities to take actionable steps to enhance core competencies and coachable considerations for areas of weakness.   All standard programs will have access to a variety of assessment tests to help identify personal approach, style, and interests.

We provide a variety of learning situations from traditional classroom learning opportunities, online video tutorials to Flip Classroom learning.  All our training programs are based on adult learning principles.

Our TAP meetings are facilitated by an experienced Career Transition Coach and require attendees to come prepared to discuss their progress through their STEP program.  These weekly meetings keep individuals on-track and provides positive group encouragement and connections. They significantly improve time to landing a new role faster.

Our Career Coaches are experts in how to leverage social media tools for job search.   Building your Personal Brand is key.  Based on the program provided, individuals will work through branding exercises, develop their online video intro, schedule a professional headshot photo,  and attend seminars or meet personally with image and communication consultants.

Our innovative approach to specialized and focused transition campaigns.

Designed for any individuals with an entrepreneurial spirit and ready to make the leap into being their own boss.  This program supports individuals who want to be in control of their destiny through building their own business, buying their own business or exploring franchise options.

Designed for senior leaders, executives, SMEs or anyone at a point in their career where they don’t want a traditional full-time role or don’t want to move up the traditional career ladder – in fact, they may intentionally be looking for a step down.  Individuals who participate in this program want more control over the type of work they are taking on.  It is ideal for individuals looking at consulting, contract, interim management, executive coaching, and/or looking at stepping down from the #1 spot to take on a supportive #2 role.

A program for individuals currently in school, newly graduated, or new to the workforce.  Designed to help participants get focused, and clear about what they want so they can target the right career path and navigate their career effectively.

Designed for the individual who feels they are self sufficient in their job search, but would like to utilize our comprehensive job search material and have access to our robust online career portal and content.  Our plus offering to the program is we can provide 1-2 hours of support for resume review and development.

Designed for the individual (and family) ready to embrace life after work.  This program will help individuals build a clear plan and take on a new journey with energy, focus and determination to enjoy the rest of the ride.


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