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At The Talent Company, we work closely with leaders to maximize their impact, and develop additional skills to succeed in business.  We help to explore true potential, identify what’s required to expand capability, and achieve results that are aligned to your organization’s corporate strategy.


Our Leadership Development program is designed for those seeking to develop and refine their leadership skills, as well as others who aspire to take on more strategic roles within their organization. We recognize that people are unique and traditional development programs do not work for everyone. Our program considers each leader as an individual for their skills, characteristics, and capability.


Phase One – The Leader You Are


Self-awareness is a key to growth. Through a series of assessments, and facilitated introspection, participants find out more about their individual leadership style, behaviours, and the impact they make.  Leaders learn how to communicate more effectively with colleagues and direct reports, maximise strengths, and build on development. Individuals understand how to interpret assessments, gain additional value from the 360 feedback, and develop customized action plans to progress forward.


Phase Two – Coaching for Results


Leaders invest in themselves, and expedite their development by working with a leadership coach. Through structured, outcome based coaching, participants establish desired objectives, and work towards achieving them. Our coaches act as a sounding board, and encourage accountability for all commitments made.


The Talent Company helps organizations and individuals build leadership capability. As Human Resources leaders with experience at a number of leading global companies we possess proven experience and insights to deliver on your needs. For more information regarding our dynamic leadership programs please contact Simon Parkin at 1-866-973-9151 or

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