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The Talent Company’s proprietary Capability Assessment™ is a methodical approach to bringing substantial qualitative enhancements to your Talent function. Our Capability Assessments™ include the following:


Understanding Current and Desired Future State. The Talent Company completes a comprehensive review of your organization’s current state including strategy, organizational alignment, people, technology, processes, programs and policies.


Benchmarking and Market Research. What are the recognized leaders within your industry and associated sectors doing? Why are their practices considered best in class?


Your Organization’s Maturity Ranking. Mapping your organizations footprint vs. that which is considered best in class. How does your organization compare? What is the delta between your organizations capabilities, and those of your competitors, and recognized top employers? Our Capability Assessment™ provides a detailed breakdown of your actual capability.


An Outline of your Organizations Strengths and Areas for Improvement. What are you doing well? Where are the gaps, and areas for improvement?


Prioritized Recommendations. Many of the organizations we work with only have the capacity to tackle a limited number of projects at a time. Our experts work closely with you to prioritize projects into those which should be considered immediate and generate the biggest impact, versus others which can be addressed in the mid to long term.


Strategy Creation and Action Plan. A blueprint is created explaining how your organization can be more successful and provides options on how to appropriately resource and execute on your new action plan.


To find out more about our Capability Assessment™ please contact Simon Parkin at 1-866-973-9151 or

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