Interview Tips

How to Handle a Group Interview

Be sure to connect with the group as well as the individual interviewers.  When asked, respond directly, but don't forget to  make eye contact with the rest of the group. The more engaged you are, the better the impression you will make.

Pay close attention to the group's dynamics. How does the group interact? Do they get along? What roles do they play in the interview process? Remember, not only are you being interviewed, this is your chance to interview the company. Ask questions, make sure you feel comfortable and feel a connection to them and their culture.

If you are not given a business card, don’t hesitate to ask. You will want to close the interview process with a thank you. This will be the final impression they are left with. If you did not collect business cards, send one email to the individual that arranged the meeting and kindly ask them to pass along your note of thanks. It should be a confirmation of your interest in the position.

Interview While Dining

Dress professionally, following the same dress code of an office interview. This new style of interviewing is becoming more common. Also, please and thank you go a long way in making good impressions. That means the hostess and server as well. It goes without saying but remember all table manners. Don’t be afraid to ask and answer questions, do however ensure you are not chewing food while speaking. As interviews sometimes seem less formal, it is best practice to simply mirror your interviewer. With regard to drinking an alcoholic beverage or not, there is a simple protocol. If your interviewer orders an alcoholic drink, you may follow suit. Do however keep it to one and stay focused on the interview.

Phone Interview Tips

Phone interviews are often used to screen candidates in order to narrow the list of interested candidates. This process is used by the client and recruiter. Phone interviews also serve to create a further refined list of candidates who will be invited for a face-to-face interview. Do be sure to keep a copy of your resume on hand to ensure you remain focused. Be open and honest. Make sure to communicate your accomplishments. Choose a quiet area and turn your other phones off or keep on the silent option. Landlines are always better than cell phones for an interview. Be brief with answers. Most importantly, take your time and think about your answers. It is normal to be nervous, however, no one knows you better than you. Be confident.

A phone interview could also lead to a Skype or video conference interview. Create a Skype account in advance to show you are prepared and well organized. Remember, the interviewer can see you so dress for success.

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