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Participants meet with prospective coaches to determine the best fit for their needs. During these meetings, the participant learns more about the coaching process, through meetings with the organizational sponsor, and coach. During the engagement process, our coaches get to know the organization, and subsequently the participant through a structured intake discussion. Coaches confirm any organizational objectives for coaching, as well as any reporting requirements. The coach explains the strict confidentiality of the coaching relationship, and outlines the information that is shared. The participant is included in all meetings where coaching outcomes and progress are discussed with the organization.



Assessments are utilized as a complement to coaching. A full 360 as well as workstyle assessment are conducted. This data is used to provide both the coach, and participant, with additional insights and areas for discussion as well as identify strengths, and developmental opportunities.


Coaching Sessions

Coaching sessions are usually sixty to ninety minutes in length. The coach works with the participant to establish milestones, as well as individual session objectives. Each session results in outcomes for the participant, as well as follow-up action items that are raised in the subsequent session. The coach can take several roles during sessions: thought partner, sounding board, confidante, challenger, mirror etc. The coach may also suggest reference material or resources for the participant to review.



At the end of each session, the coach checks in with the participant to understand what has been achieved in that session, as it relates to the session objective. The coach asks the participant what s/he has committed to doing, and by when it will be done. This is critical for outcome achievement, and accountability. The coach also seeks feedback on their coaching, both from the participant and from the organization as appropriate.


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