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Our Practice Leaders work closely with our clients to help develop and enhance consultative and HR skills capabilities.  Together, we explore new areas including how to evolve the value that HR provides, strategically influence the business, and provide a positive impact for the future success of the organization.


We focus on the skills that HR professionals need to be successful in their role, as a true business partners in their organization.  Making this transition requires the development and enhancement of skills in a number of key areas to ensure appropriate HR representation is being provided to the business, and effectively supports internal talent and leadership as a critical partner to the business.


Our program addresses the following:


  • Where is HR today? What challenges do you face?
  • What services and support does the business want and what it expects from their HR Business Partners.
  • Transitioning from transactional HR delivery to a business partnership.
  • The role of HR in adding value to the business.
  • The skills, competencies and capabilities HR Business Partners require to becoming successful.
  • How can you overcome the challenges to being an effective HR Business Partner?
  • How HR can be seen as a ‘business imperative’ – and the associated role of HR Business Partners.
  • Building your influence with the business through an insight-led approach.
  • Building your credibility through knowledge and action.
  • Becoming a trusted advisor and coach to your business leaders.
  • Developing a talent plan for your organization that is aligned to goals and objectives.















At The Talent Company, we design and develop customized development programs for our HR clients.  As Human Resources leaders with experience at a number of leading global companies, we possess the proven experience and insight to deliver on your needs as we have “walked a mile in our clients’ shoes”.  For more information regarding our Training and Development programs for HR please contact us at 1-866-612-7119 or

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