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The Talent Company is a leading management consulting firm specializing in human resources consulting services and solutions. We work closely with our clients to develop, optimize and innovate their Recruitment and Talent practices. Our expertise is in assessing an organization’s unique human resources capabilities, identifying opportunities for improvement, providing detailed recommendations, and partnering with our clients to devise a customized action plan.


The Talent Company is comprised of leading Human Resources, Talent, Recruitment, Leadership, Coaching, Compensation and Total Rewards experts with proven track records of client and organizational success. Our collective resources, vast experience, and extensive industry knowledge enhance our ability to deliver outstanding value to our clients.


As human resources leaders with in-depth experience at a number of global organizations, strong reputations for HR and Talent excellence, we possess the proven experience to execute on your needs. We have “walked a mile in our clients’ shoes”.


Our agile project management methodology combines the structure and foundation found within the Project Management Book of Knowledge, and incorporates other iterative approaches that allow us to be flexible depending upon our clients’ needs.

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